Discounts, Code, & Research Available from Quantifiable Edges to Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis (MS)!

The last two years Quantifiable Edges readers helped me raise over $4000 each year for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and this year I am again upping the incentive for people to donate!  I am happy for any size donation, but I have again created 2 donation levels this year so that people are incented to give more:


Thank You Level:

One bit of research that Quantifiable Edges has become known for are the many studies I have published on Fed Days. In fact, you could say I wrote the book on Fed Days. And the pdf version of that book sells for $25. But between now and June 30th I will send you a zip file containing the following if you make any size donation to my MS fund raiser page.

  1. The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days (pdf version)
  2. My “Fed Day” code for both Tradestation and Amibroker (new this year) that identifies every Fed Day from 1980 –2020.  (Updated from last year’s code with the new scheduled Fed meeting dates).
  3. Text file versions of the code in case you do not use Tradesation or Amibroker, but still want the full list of dates, or to translate the code into another program for your own testing.

Note that the code has only been offered with the book as part of the MS fundraiser. So even if you already have the book – make a donation and get the code!  Or if you donated last year, get the updated code!


Big Thank You Level:

Donate $35 or more and you will get everything above and I will also include a coupon good for $50 off any Quantifiable Edges Products, other than recurring (gold or silver) subscriptions.  This includes systems, courses, code, or research that Quantifiable Edges has to offer.  And if you want to use the coupon towards the new Quant Edges Swing Trading Course between now and when fundraising ends, I’ll make that $50 coupon a $150 coupon!  Quantifiable Edges will be coming out with more products later this year.  So even if you already own everything, you can still apply your $50 coupon to future offerings.  There is no expiration date.  And while it can only be used once per person, if you donated last year and have not yet used that coupon, then I can set it up so you can combine the 2018 and 2019 $50 coupons into one $100 coupon if you wish.


Why am I doing this?

Check out my personal fundraising page to learn the story of how I became involved in raising money for MS.


I’ll put in the training, endure the pain, and brave the traffic, but I need your help in fundraising efforts!


The Process:

1) Go to my personal fund raising page:


2) Make a donation of any size (but feel free to be generous!).  Note: The MS donation page makes it look like the min amount is $35.  But you can click the “other amount” button on the right and enter whatever amount you feel appropriate.  ($35 is the minimum to get the $50 coupon.)  Even small gifts are greatly appreciated!


3) Send an email to with your receipt from the MS Society, and within 24 hours we will send you the above Quantifiable Edge Fed Day MS Ride package, (if your donation is $35 or more, please specify whether you prefer the $50 off anything coupon or the $150 off the Quant Edges Swing Trading Course). If you don’t receive the package in 24 hours, feel free to send us a 2nd email, because that means we likely missed the 1st one, or post a comment below letting us know we somehow missed it!


Thanks for your support and generosity! I hope the Quantifiable Edges Fed Day MS Ride package will pay you back your donation size and much more in your trading accounts!  And I hope together we can make a big positive difference in the fight against MS!

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