When the Wednesday Before Thanksgiving Closes at a New High

Thanksgiving has some seasonal tendencies, with Wednesday and Friday often being bullish, and the Monday after being bearish. This year not only did Wednesday perform well, but it left the SPX at a new high heading into the holiday. So I decided to look back at other times SPX closed at a 50-day high on the day before Thanksgiving.


Results here show a bearish inclination over the next 2 days. I will note that there were a couple instances that occurred just prior to the sample set that were mildly positive over the 2-day period. But the poor performance over the last 24 years (7 instances) is something I find notable and interesting. Below is the list of instances.


The momentum heading into Thanksgiving certainly has not seemed to help at all. If recent history holds up, we could see a dip between now and Monday evening.



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