Using The Opening Gap To Time Swing Trade Entries And Exits

Scott Andrews of “Master the Gap” will be conducting a webinar on Tuesday April 13th at 4:30pm EST that is especially designed for readers of Quantifiable Edges. Scott and I became acquainted within the last year and found it interesting that we utilize very similar approaches for trading very different time frames. While much of the focus with Quantifiable Edges is on swing trading with some discussion of day and intermediate-term edges, Scott uses his quantitative research primarily to trade the opening gaps. His service also covers some other daytrading approaches for times when gap trades are not active.

We’ve had several discussions about how our research tends to be quite complimentary and on a whole can often provide a greater edge for those who may look to incorporate it. Scott’s webinar will show how his gap-focused research can possibly aid traders who are typically more swing-oriented (like me). You may use the link below to see more information on the webinar and to sign up. (It’s free.) If you trade intraday and like the quantitative approach used at Quantifiable Edges, then there’s a good chance you’ll find the webinar interesting.