Some Additional Sites I Frequent

The market has provided extremely unusual action over the last few days. Precedents are slim when looking at gaps up of 2% or more and other oddities such as yesterday’s S&P/NDX divergence. Trying to filter the action further and generate meaningful statistics is a bit of a stretch.

Therefore, I decided this morning would be a good time to add some sites to the blogroll. Below are a few additions that I like to read:

Marketsci – Filled with interesting market studies.

Woodshedder – A nice mix of mechanical system development and technical analysis.

Carl Futia – Futures trading and analysis with specific targets provided.

Cobra’s Market View – Market analysis with a massive chartbook.

HeadlineCharts – One or more interesting charts along with commentary most every day.

Greenfaucet & Phil’s Favorites – Two sites with a collection of interesting commentary from around the blogosphere.

ITrade4Real – See what JP Drake is trading today.

That’s it for now. I’ll add a few more in the coming weeks.