A Quantifiable Edges Silver subscription comes complete with the Quantifiable Edges Weekly Research Letter delivered on Sundays via e-mail, and partial access to the Quantifiable Edges subscription site.

Quantifiable Edges Weekly Research Letter:

The Quantifiable Edges Weekly Research Letter is filled with historical analysis and studies. It contains in depth market analysis, the Quantifiable Edges Aggregator, our QE Buying Power Analysis, and more. Below are some highlights:

Detailed Market Analysis
The Quantifiable Edges Weekly Research Letter contains Rob Hanna’s analysis of the broad market. Indicators of price, volume, breadth and sentiment are looked at within the context of historical precedents. Rob continually monitors market action and conducts studies to find how the market reacted under similar conditions in the past. Some studies are posted to the Quantifiable Edges Blog. Several of the market studies are published only in the Subscriber Letter. The front page of the letter lists all studies that Rob considers current and relevant. This is followed by a detailed write-up of Rob’s short-term and intermediate-term market outlook. The outlook helps in the more detailed evaluations and trade setups discussed later in the letter.

The Quantifiable Edges Aggregator
The Aggregator is Rob’s favorite tool for short-term (1-3 day) market timing. It takes an aggregate of the current outstanding studies listed at the beginning of the Letter and compares the result to recent relative market performance. This is used to help establish a trading bias. More detail on the Aggregator may be found here.

Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Area:

Most areas of the subscriber site are available to Silver subscribers, including the charts pages, weekly archives, downloads area, educational videos, and Tradestation Indicators &Functions. The areas that are not available to Silver subscribers are the Quantifinder and the Systems pages.

Quantifiable Edges Charts Pages
The Quantifiable Edges charts pages show charts of many unique indicators. These include proprietary indicators such as the Quantifiable Edges Capitulative Breadth Index (CBI), the TICK Tomoscillator, the QE Buying Power Index, Nasdaq/SPX Relative Strength Model, and more. This collection of charts and indicators can be found nowhere else.

QE Indicators/Functions for Tradestation
Several of the more complex and heavily-requested indicators that Quantifiable Edges tracks have been put together in this package. Non-subscribers may purchase the QE Indicators/Functions for Tradestation, but it is provided at no additional charge to subscribers as long as they maintain their subscription. A partial list of indicators and functions may be found below.

• Quantifiable Edges Fast/Slow Offset Historical Volatility Indicator
• Fed Day Functions
• Employment Day Functions
• Breadth % Indicators
• Ratio Adjusted McClellan Oscillator (RAMO)
• McClellan % Ranks
• Closing TICK TomOscillators

Complete descriptions of all indicators and functions may be found in the Quantifiable Edges Tradestation Analysis Techniques User Guide, which may be downloaded at any time.

Every weekly subscriber published since Quantifiable Edges inception in 2008 may be found in the Archives area.

The downloads area of the site contains special reports, studies, spreadsheets, and code that Quantifiable Edges has published over time. Several nuggets are available here for subscribers.

Educational Videos
Quantifiable Edges has produced a number of subscriber-only webinars that subscribers may review here. They include webinars related to the Catapult & CBI, VIX-based ETFs edges, Fed QE & POMO indicators, Tradestation tips, and more.