Recent Blogroll Additions

While I have made some recent additions to the blogroll, I have neglected to mention them on the blog.  So I thought I would do so quickly, since they all deserve to be pointed out.

The Whole Street’s Quant Mashup

This is a fairly new site, but they have put together a nice list of quant-oriented blogs.  Several can be found on my blogroll, but there were a few that I had never even heard of.  So I have some more exploring to do with some of these.

The McVerry Report

Joe McVerry has put together quite a list of blogs that can easily be scanned for ideas.

Rogue Traderette

Jess muses about trading.  She’s open, honest and interesting.  A good read.

Cold Hard Football Facts

NFL preseason is set to begin.  Kerry Byrne is an old college friend and he runs the only football “quant” site I know.  He doesn’t just argue about who’s better.  He builds entire stats-based cases.  Right up my alley.