Quantifiable Edges Launches RealTest Module for VIX Trading Course – Special Launch Discount!

We’re excited to unveil the RealTest module for the Quantifiable Edges VIX Trading Course! To celebrate, we’re offering an exclusive discount: get $200 off the course, and enjoy a whopping 90% off the RealTest module, available only through July 15th!

Initially released in late 2022, our VIX Trading Course has been a favorite among traders, providing comprehensive studies, and models that can be tested and customized with your own ideas. All students receive detailed Excel spreadsheets, making all the information and strategies accessible even without advanced software or programming skills. However, for those using Amibroker or RealTest, the course also offers the ability to explore and adapt the studies and models with these powerful tools.

The course’s popularity has surged recently thanks to Rob Hanna’s acclaimed paper, Chicken & Egg: Should you use the VIX to time the SPX? Or use the SPX to time the VIX? The paper won the prestigious NAAIM Founders Award in May. It offers a glimpse into some of the advanced concepts covered in the course.

Whether you’re new to VIX-based trading or a seasoned pro, the Quantifiable Edges VIX Trading Course offers unparalleled insights and strategies. Take advantage of this limited-time sale and elevate your trading game. Already enrolled? Upgrade with the RealTest code now!

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