Quantifiable Edges Gold Subscriptions Continue To Shine

2017 was another strong year for the Quantifiable Edges Gold subscribers. The Gold subscription contains the Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter, which is published on a nightly basis. The Letter uses historical studies and quantitative evidence to evaluate the market and help traders establish both a short and intermediate-term trading bias. The Letter also shares trade ideas for trading index securities, large-cap stocks, VIX-based ETFs and occasionally other high-volume ETFs. The letter has been published for nearly 10 years (anniversary coming in February!), and the trade ideas have generated positive results every one of those years. The index trades were especially consistent in 2017, as 14 of them were initiated and published in 2017 and 13 of those closed out profitably. The full list of published trade ideas since the 2008 inception can be downloaded by anyone that takes a free 7-day trial.

Of course QE Gold subscriptions come with much more than just the letter. They include research, open coded systems, full archive access, educational videos, and annual subscribers even get free access to the Quantifiable Edges Market Timing Course.

I’d encourage all levels of traders to take a free look at a Quantifiable Edges subscription. And don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions as you determine whether a subscription could help you with your trading and investing.


Note: If you took a trial in the past, but would like another one, simply email support and we will set you up with one!


Below are some recent testimonials:


  I am a re-subscriber who began following you years ago not too long after you started showing a public face (so to speak).  At that time, I was impressed with your whole approach to investing, and that remains true today.  After my early retirement a few years back, my wife and I begin travelling extensively and so my active trading became quite passive … we were often in places where the reliability of the grid was suspect (if it existed).  With the arrival of a first grandchild, we’re back in the modern world and I must say that I’m very much enjoying the morning read that comes from your hand.  Sane and sober advice is all too rare, and I really appreciate what you have to say.

 Best wishes to you and yours,

David – 12/26/17




Love the service, and will probably subscribe as long as you do it!

Alan – 12/20/17