QE Subscription Prices About to Rise. Lock in the Lower Rate Now!

If you have been considering a Quantifiable Edges subscription, now is a great time to lock in your price.

While the Fed is ignoring inflation, one place that prices will soon be going up is at Quantifiable Edges. After Sunday, October 3rd, all gold and silver subscriptions with see a price increase. But you can lock in your prices at the current level by signing up for a subscription before then. I have rarely raised prices in the past, and have always grandfathered in current subscribers at their initial price level. (Yes, I still have a subscriber paying the original annual subscription fee from 2008-09.)

Of course the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who calculates CPI, would likely say that a Quantifiable Edges Gold Subscription has seen a price decline after making their “quality adjustments”. New features over the years have continued to add value. This includes the popular QE Seasonality Calendars and the code (Tradestation, Excel, and Amibroker) that goes along with the Calendars for backtesting, which was released near the beginning of this year.

So whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually, you can lock in the current rates now, before they go up this weekend. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Here is our Gold Subscription page and our Silver Subscription page.