I have some sizable projects going on and some detailed studies that are taking longer than normal to construct. In the next few days or week I hope to have some exciting edges to share. In the meantime, below are some recent/current reads that I found worthwhile:

Mr. VIX (Bill Luby) with some detailed thinking on how low the VIX may be headed over the short and intermediate-term.

Ray Barros on the role of chance in trading.

Dr. Brett with links to 17 posts on intraday trading patterns that he wrote over the last month.

Corey Rosenbloom with his take on intraday tick divergences.

Of course if it is linkfests you’re looking for, you don’t normally come here. My favorite places to find worthwhile reading include Abnormal Returns, The Kirk Report, Phil’s Favorites , Greenfaucet, Mr. Swing, and Newsflashr.