I’m a little under the weather today, so rather than producing research myself, I’ve decided to add a few links to the blogroll and point out some recent articles I found interesting.

First the articles:

From Active Trader Mag I recently came across this interesting article which places bands around RSI levels rather than looking at absolute levels.

Market Rewind with tests of consistently oversold and overbought RSI readings. Incidentally, one feature of the new Market Rewind ETF tools shows 5-day historical short-term RSI’s on a massive number of sortable ETF’s. I’ve beta-tested the tool. ETF traders should definitely check it out when it goes live.

Can’t get enough RSI talk? Check out MarketSci and Woodshedder.

For those looking to improve their intraday trading, it’s not uncommon that Traderfeed comes up with a gem like this one last week.

Now few a few blogroll additions that are long overdue:

Behind the Headlines – Barrons columnist Michael Kahn offers more insights on his blog.

Skill Analytics – Would’ve thrown this one up there a while ago but he just didn’t post that often. Postings have picked up recently and he now provides a nice ETF correlation tool as well.

The Deipnosophist – Smart reading about the market.

I’ll save further additions for another sick day.