Learn Some Fed-Based Edges at the Festival of Traders

I’m going to be participating the The Festival of Traders this month for the 1st time.  It is a 2-day event that features presentations from 8 traders.

I’ll be speaking about Fed-based edges in regards to numerous time-frames (from short-term to long-term, and in between).  My talk is scheduled for 5:30pm EST on Tuesday, Dec 10th.  Time not convenient?  No worries! Register using this link and recordings of all speakers will be automatically sent to you at the conclusion of the Festival.

And beyond my talk, the line-up looks very impressive.  In fact, on Wednesday 2 of the 7 guys I placed on my list of “Real Deal Traders” will be talking – Scott Andrews and Dave Landry.

This is a Quantifiable Edge I suggest you take advantage of 🙂

Again, the link to register is available here.  (Nothing but an email address required.)