John Forman’s New Trader FAQ’s

John Forman, trading coach and author of The Essentials of Trading book and blog has recently put out a promising new resource for traders. It’s the New Trader FAQ’s book.

Through his coaching and his blog John has gained extensive experience working with beginning traders.

In putting the book together John first compiled a huge list of questions most asked of him by beginning traders. They include topics related to such things as education & learning curve, trading mechanics, analysis, systems, trader psychology, brokers, and trading careers.

Rather than just answer all the questions himself, John was able to get 11 other trading professionals to offer their perspectives. You’ll no doubt recognize many of the contributors. I’m pleased to say I was able to contribute a small part to the effort.

I’m even more pleased at how well the whole book came out. John truly did a terrific job. And while the intent was to help beginning traders with informative and diverse answers on a wide range of topics, I’d have to say John overshot his goal. You don’t need to be a beginner to gain something from the book.

So if you’re looking for something to read this long Memorial Day weekend, you may want to check out the New Trader FAQ’s. John even lists all the questions on his site for those who would like more detail.