Introducing the Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days!

Blog readers and Quantifiable Edges subscribers are likely well aware that I have published numerous studies and trade ideas related to Fed announcement days over the years. After much work and significant additional research I have now decided to release The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days.

The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days examines Fed Day historical tendencies from a vast array of angles. After reading the guide you’ll have a detailed understanding of what factors have had the greatest influence on performance both on and around Fed Days.

Day and swing traders alike will be able to use the guide to take advantage of historical probabilities. Whether it’s gaps, early morning moves, intraday tendencies, or edges that persist for several days, I examine it. And while none of the strategies discussed utilize time frames beyond 2 weeks, even intermediate-term and long-term investors would be well served to understand the information within.

And in addition to the Quantifiable Edges research you’re likely already familiar with, there are also special contributions and insights from Tom McClellan and Scott Andrews.

The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days is available in ebook format immediately and paperback within the next week. With the next Fed Day rapidly approaching on June 23rd I decided not to delay the ebook release any longer. I’ll be sure to post notification to again when the paperback version becomes available later this week.

For more information on the Guide and to order your copy, you may use the link below: