Introducing The Quantifiable Edges Big Time Swing System

After much hard work I am pleased to announce the release of the Quantifiable Edges Big Time Swing System. The QE Big Time Swing System simply combines a few of my favorite edges into a powerful new swing trading system. The system was designed to trade the major indices. It looks to take advantage of high probability, high expectancy moves that generally occur about once per month. Using SPY over the last 16 years it has shown great consistency in both profits and frequency of opportunities. The system trades both long and short in both up and down markets.

It is not a black box. It is completely open sourced and Traders may even elect to purchase the open code in Tradestation and Excel formats. While it’s completely open it still comes with a supporting web page for purchasers as well as a 2010 alert service at no extra cost.

I’m extremely excited to be able to offer it at this time. I’m confident it will help some traders improve their results in 2010. For more information please visit the Quantifiable Edges Big Time Swing overview page.


If you have questions after viewing the information page, feel free to email them to BigTimeSwing @ QuantifiableEdges(dot)com