The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days

Eight times every year the Federal Reserve holds a meeting. At the conclusion of that meeting they may announce policy changes and provide their outlook on the economy. On Wall St. these announcements are often highly anticipated. For years traders have tried to game the Fed announcement.


Over the last several years Quantifiable Edges has published unique insights on historical tendencies related to these meetings. Numerous studies may be found in the Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letters as well as on the blog.


The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days is the most complete collection of Quantifiable Edges Fed Day related studies. Over 65 pages in length, the Guide provides incredibly comprehensive detail on Fed Day market behavior and probabilities. From the time leading up to the Fed Day, to action on that day, to the days following, Rob Hanna shows where the greatest trading edges lie through detailed historical analysis.


Day and swing traders alike will be able to use the guide to take advantage of historical probabilities. Whether it’s gaps, early morning moves, intraday tendencies, or edges that persist for several days, Rob examines it.


In addition to Rob’s detailed analysis there is also a special section on Fed Day gap trading and risk management by President, Scott Andrews. Further, the epilogue by Tom McClellan of McClellan Financial Publications provides readers additional insight into the history and evolution of these edges.


For over 30 years Fed Days and those days surrounding them have provided traders in the know with substantial advantages. The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days will show you exactly where the greatest edges lie, and provide you ideas and trading strategies aimed to take advantage of them.


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