Facebook Me!

So it is probably 3 or 4 years beyond when I should have done this, but Quantifiable Edges is finally on Facebook! I’ve set up the page so that all tweets and blogs appear in the timeline.

So for those of you that “like” Quantifiable Edges and would like the tweets and blogs delivered into your newsfeed, you can easily do so.

If you prefer to keep Quantifiable Edges out of your newsfeed, you can still “like” the page and then easily hop over there while in Facebook to check any new activity.

I’m fairly new to all this Facebook stuff, but it seems pretty slick to me, and a nice option for Facebook users to keep up with Quantifiable Edges. I suspect I’ll need to have some kind of “like me” contest soon.

And yes, the new Overnight Edges website is also on Facebook.

You may check out the Quantifiable Edges Facebook page here.

The Overnight Edges Facebook page can be found here.