Best Wishes, Thanks, And Congrats To Dr. Brett

As probably 99% of the people who read Quantifiable Edges are aware, the Traderfeed blog, written by Dr. Brett Steenbarger is nearing an end.

Over the last several years Dr. Brett’s provided a wonderful example for traders, bloggers, and service providers. The energy he put towards the blog and the rest of his work was astounding. His posts were consistently thought provoking and provided many sparks for further research on this site and others. And he’s done it with the kind of integrity not often found on Wall St.

Quantifiable Edges would have come to be without Dr. Brett. But without his inspiration, support, and encouragement throughout the last few years it certainly wouldn’t be as far along as it currently is. Any blog readers or subscribers who have benefitted from my work should be aware that some credit needs to go to the good doctor.

As readers know, I try to quantify most everything here. While it’s impossible to quantify Dr. Brett’s contribution, below is a never-before-seen picture that tells a (true) story of something that happened back in 2008…

Of course that’s just one small example.

Thank you Dr. Brett. Congratulations on your new endeavor. Whoever convinced you to join their firm will surely benefit greatly, just as so many others have over the years. While you will soon be silent on the internet, I look forward to eventually hearing of the good things you’ll accomplish in the next several years.