Best of Quantifiable Edges 2009

So the other day I ran a “Greatest Hits” of 2009. They were the most popular posts I wrote each month of the year. When going through them I realized I would have chosen very few to make any kind of top list myself. So now I present to you MY picks for the “Best of Quantifiable Edges 2009”. (Note while there are only 1 or 2 on the other list that would have had a chance to make this one, I didn’t allow for repeats. These are all less popular than those.) In countdown reverse order…

15) Equity Put/Call Ratio Suggests Down Day
14) The 2009 Rally – Breadth Without Compare
13) 3 Lower Closes – A Largely Misunderstood Edge
12) My Take On Optimal Position Sizing
11) Turnaround Tuesdays (A myth that actually confirmed!)
10) Stops Part 2 – When to Use Them
9) Gaps Up From 10-day Highs
8) Intermediate-term Consequences of a 30’s-Like Market (I still believe the market will undergo several intermediate-term exaggerated overreactions in both directions over the next few years.)
7) Some simple shorting systems
6) A Long-term look at Put/Call Ratios
5) The Importance of Positioning In Analysis
4) Distribution Days Quantified (Tradestation code associated with this study is available on the Free Downloads page.)
3) A Long-Term Look At Fed Days
2) My Interview With The Kirk Report (More than just a post. This is long but Charles Kirk got more info out of me than the rest of these posts combined.)
1) The Quantifinder Unveiled & Quantifying The Value of Historical Research (These tools represent Quantifiable Edges biggest accomplishments this year – effectively semi-automating the application of historical research to trading.)

I’m very much looking forward to 2010. The Quantifiable Edges Big Time Swing System was just released and feedback so far has been great. I’m excited to monitor the progress of that in the upcoming year. Additionally, I’ll have more announcements in the coming weeks about improvements and new features for the website.

A safe and happy New Year to all. Thanks for reading, writing, and inspiring me throughout the year!