An Unprecedented Breadth Trifecta has Triggered

On Thursday afternoon I witnessed 3 different breadth thrust signals I watch all trigger on the same day. The signals, with link to learn more about them are:

  1. Walter Deemer’s Breakaway Momentum (BAM) signal
  2. Wayne Whaley’s Advance Decline Thrust (5) from his paper “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: A Study of Various Market Thrust Measures
  3. Quantifiable Edges “Triple 70” thrust signal.

Thursday was the 1st time ever that a Triple 70, a Deemer Breakaway Momentum (BAM), and a Whaley ADT5 thrust all happened on the same day. There have been 7 instances where 2 of the 3 triggered on the same day. They can all be found in the table below.

multiple breadth thrust signals

The signals on their own all have impressive track records, which you can see if you click through to the links. When 2 combine, it has been almost perfect 1-12 months out. All the recent breadth certainly seems to be a positive.

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