Amibroker Code Now Available For Quant Edges Numbered Systems (and free for Annual Gold subscribers)

One favorite feature for Quantifiable Edges subscribers is access to the “Numbered Systems”. The Numbered Systems are 8 long-side setups and 2 short setups that include entry and exit rules for trading stocks or ETFs. Quantifiable Edges subscribers are able to access the complete rules, the Tradestation code, and even a spreadsheet published each night that shows any S&P 500 stocks or ETFs (from our list of about 100) that are setting up for entry the next day. I am pleased to announce that in the last week, I just made Amibroker code available as well. The Amibroker code allows users to run backtests and explorations for the Quantifiable Edges Numbered Systems. It is free for all Quantifiable Edges Gold Annual subscribers. (Gold Monthly subscribers may purchase it as an add-on for $100.) I am excited to be able to make Amibroker code now available, and anticipate there will be more Amibroker code packages available soon.


Free 1-week trials to Quantifiable Edges are available here. No credit card required. Just an email to send the letters to.