Aggregator System Riding a Hot Streak

The Aggregator has been a terrific tool that has helped me greatly in both my index swing trading and for establishing a market bias for other trades.

The Aggregator System is based on the Aggregator and it calls for a position of 100% long, 100% short, or 100% cash. For my own trading I will often scale in and out of positions depending on factors such as the strength of the evidence, perceived risk, recent market volatility, the underlying trend, my intermediate-term outlook, and more. Still, the Aggregator System can be (and is) traded mechanically. After two stellar years (2008 and 2009) it hit a rough patch last summer. But more recently the Aggregator System has been on fire. Below is a chart showing every entry and exit signal since around Thanksgiving.

(click chart to enlarge)

Signals occur at the close and are posted to the Quantifiable Edges Systems Page 10-15 minutes beforehand. They are accessible by all gold subscribers. The signal is also published and discussed in each night’s subscriber letter. If you’d like to check out the Aggregator System in more detail (including a complete history as well as current signals) you may do so with a free trial to Quantifiable Edges.