3rd QE Buying Power Index Webinar Added for Wednesday

Due to popular demand and a very positive response I have decided to hold one more live webinar on Wednesday at 12:15pm EST for the QE Buying Power Index. After that I don’t anticipate any more live webinars being held in February.

If you’d like to attend you may go here to register (and to find links with more information).

Below are a few brief clippings from emails I received from attendees last week.

“I thought it was a GREAT VALUE!!”
-Roger S

“Rob, I thought the webinar was fantastic: 1. It started on time. 2. It got the point across in an appropriate amount of time and 3. was professionally done… I quickly played with the indicator against one of my MR systems (long and short) and can see the indicator helps.
– Rob K

I loved your webinar…I also like your style as far as finding numbers and stats to back your decisions.
-Diane F

So if you want to attend the Wednesday webinar (or if you can’t make it and would just like to view the recorded version), here’s the link again.