Quantifiable Edges Study of Tops

The Quantifiable Edges Study of Tops (updated 2/23/13) – $5.99

The Quantifiable Edges Study of Tops takes a look at all 11 SPX tops since 1970 that were followed by a decline of at least 20%.  It is a relatively short 7-page report.  It examines certain conditions that were present for each of the tops and shares 2 indicators that can forewarn traders of a possible major market decline.  At least one of these indicators has provided a signal prior to every major top.  Quantifiable Edges Gold & Silver subscribers may download the Study of Tops for free in the members section of the website.  Non-subscribers may purchase the study below for $5.99.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you don’t believe it is worth the $5.99, send us an email and let us know why and we will refund your money.  Also, if you decide to subscribe to Quantifiable Edges within 2 weeks of purchase, then the  $5.99 paid for the study will be refunded.