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The free downloads include the following research, spreadsheets, and code:

Fed-Based Quantifiable Edges for Stock Market Trading (Research Paper)
An Examination of Rate Changes and SOMA Changes & their Impact on Market Movement

Quantifiable Edges CBI Research Paper
A detailed research paper examining the Quantifiable Edges CBI and how it can be used to anticipate short and intermediate-term rallies

The Daily Trading Coach Historical Patterns Sample Spreadsheet
designed by Dr. Brett Steenbarger
in his book, “The Daily Trading Coach

Nasdaq-SPX Relative Strength Model Excel Worksheet
This worksheet is based on the model originally discussed in the 5/25/2009 blog post.  Includes data, model, and chart in an Excel spreadsheet.

Nas-SP Relative Strength Model Code
Tradestation worksheet, indicator, and strategy designed by Rob Hanna.  Make sure you import the .eld file with the indicator and strategy before attempting to open the workspace.

Tradestation code containing the strategy used in the Distrubution Days study posted to the blog on August 20, 2009.  Inputs are flexible so you may easily examine the concept in using different criteria than was used in the blog.

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