2nd 90% Day Suggests Real Strength

Thursday the market again posted a day where 90% of the volume went to the upside. This follows Tuesday’s 90% up day. I looked back to 1970 at other times the market put in 2 90% days in a 1-week period. Instances are small, so it’s dangerous to rely too much on the results, but you’ve typically seen very strong moves after these tandems of 90% Up Volume days. Below I’ve listed all the occurrences along with the 20-day return of the market after such occurrences. (Results based on $100k per trade.)

It’ll be interesting to see which 90% study wins out (click here for other 90% study from 2 days ago). While a short-term pullback seems likely here soon, I am seeing more indications of further strength than I am weakness.