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Subscriber Letter Features    
Subscriber Letter Nightly Weekly
Studies Summary Nightly Weekly
Short-Term Overview Nightly Weekly
Intermediate-term Overview Nightly Weekly
Educational Videos Yes Yes
QE Aggregator Nightly No
CBI Trade Ideas Yes No
Quantified System Trade Ideas Yes No
Index Trade Ideas Yes No
Intraday Updates on Trade Ideas Yes No
Quantifinder Features
Color Coded Studies Listed Yes No
Twitter Notification of Updates Yes No
Click Through to View Details Yes No
Intraday Quantifinder Yes No
Chart Features    
Summary & Detail Chart Pages Yes Yes
Links to studies based on charts Yes Yes
Downloadable CBI & Spyx History Yes No
Systems Pages    
Pre-close Aggregator System Signal Yes No
Nightly Triggers for S&P 500 stocks Yes No
Nightly Triggers for 100+ ETF's Yes No
Complete System Rules Yes No
Backtest Results Yes No
Tradestation Code Yes No
Monthly $95.00(renews automatically)
$30.00(renews automatically)
Annual $900.00(renews automatically)

$300.00(does not renew automatically)

Note: You may cancel at anytime, however we do not issue refunds for partial periods.  Once you submit your cancellation, billing will cease immediately, but you will continue to have access until the end of your subscription period.

"Each day I become more and more a fan of your research." 
- Bill Luby (VIX and More)

"The insight into your research has been most vauluable" 
- S. Santana

"I have come to rely on your judgement...Great work - really appreciate it"  - Prabhu

"I'm learning a lot since this is a different way of
analyzing stocks for me--exactly what I was hoping
for.  The index trades and forward looking testing and
commentary are my favorites." 
- Dan D.

"An excellent service - thanks very much." - M. Lavin